Life is easier with MiCARE


chiropractic program

Chiropractic physicians  function as the Primary Care Provider for the injuries of PI victims.  With MiCARE, Chiropractic Physicians can focus on patient care, coordination of care and clinical outcomes.  With MiCARE, you can also increase patient flow, patient retention and claim reimbursement. 


patient retention program

Increase patient flow volume.  Retain existing patients who suffer injures.  MiCARE supports local practices to ensure patient care does not suffer and that providers obtain payment promptly.



MiCARE ensures that each patient receives compassionate care in an expeditious manner.  Quicker recovery and settlement times.


Optimized clinical outcomes


An objective and independent medical network who exercise independent medical opinions and treatment plans. Delivery of compassionate and cost-effective care. An experienced team of physicians coordinating care (variety of scope of practice physicians, practicing best standards of care (traumatology, AMA guidelines, Croft, etc.), and medical necessity. Ultimately presenting an Objective claim through empirical data and objective findings.   

clinical outcomes


MiCARE provides and delivers the quickest way to patient care and recovery.  A happier and healthier patient.

claim outcomes


MiCARE provides for an array of tools, resources and expertise to allow law firms to focus on the victim and strengthening and  maximizing the claim.